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Old Navy Fitologists Find Your Dream Jeans

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Weeding your way through racks of jean styles can give anyone the blues. Boot-cut? Skinny? Straight? Low-rise? Regular?

They all pretty much look the same so you grab a few, bring ‘em into the dressing room, and the frustration begins. One gives you a muffin top; another shows your bum. It’s too wide in the thighs, too small in the hips. How is it possible that humans have figured out how to split the atom, but we can’t find one perfect-fitting pair of jeans!

Well, at least it’s comforting to know we’re not the only ones who’ve suffered denim trauma: To help shoppers across the country solve their dungaree dilemmas, jean-fitting expert “Fitologists” will be at Old Navy stores this month. Finally, there's folks who know what style looks great on your body (besides Mom – who only thinks she does).

To kick-start your jean therapy, here’s a few Fitologist “Tips for Fits”:

Gals: What’s your body type?

1. If you have a smaller waist and fuller thighs, try the Sweetheart fit. It sits on the waist and looks great in Boot-Cut or Skinny.

2. For those with straighter waists and fuller thighs, check out the Flirt. It sits just below the waist in Boot-Cut, Super Skinny, and Trouser.

3. Straighter waist and slimmer thighs? Definitely try the sit-on-the-hip Diva style.

4. Hint: The Rockstar fit is super stretchy and looks great on all shapes.

Guys: How loose or fitted do you like it?

1. For a super-fitted look that sits just below the waist, check out the Slim Straight.

2. If you prefer an easy fit through the hip and thigh, try the Straight fit.

3. For more of a loose style that sits below the waist, check out the Loose fit.