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12 Days of Joy with Banana Republic

DesignTanya Hart, Gap Inc. blogger2 Comments

Move over turtle doves, Banana Republic has bigger plans this holiday season.

As part of the brand’s “12 Days of Joy” campaign, customers visiting stores every day for the first 12 days of December will have a chance to win a special gift — everything from clothing discounts to plane ticket vouchers, and even a new car (a Fiat!).

It’s the “Twelve Days of Christmas” to the extreme.

The program kicked off Dec. 1with 40 percent off up to two full-priced Banana Republic items, and the gifts continue through Dec. 12:

Dec. 2 — 40 percent off full-priced sweaters

Dec. 3 — Complimentary make-up surprises from Benefit Cosmetics

Dec. 4 — Free movie vouchers for Les Miserables

Dec. 5 — Complimentary gourmet popcorn samples from Garrett Popcorn

Dec. 6 — Free chocolate treats from Ghirardelli

Dec. 7 — 40 percent off full-priced men’s dress shirts and women’s dresses

Dec. 8 —40 percent off up to two full-priced Banana Republic items

Dec. 9 —Voucher for 20 percent off a Virgin America flight

Dec. 10 — A treat from Stonewall Kitchen Holiday

Dec. 11 — 40 percent off full-priced outerwear and cold-weather accessories

And on the last day, Dec. 12, six lucky shoppers will get a chance to win a Fiat 500.

What’s more, the program is happening globally — in Canada, Japan, and other countries, and throughout franchise stores. The prizes will be different depending on customer preferences in each individual country.

For example, in Canada, the airline voucher will be for Porter Airlines instead of Virgin America. And in Japan, there will be a stronger emphasis on outerwear, driven by consumer needs during the holidays.

It’s the first time Banana Republic is doing this, and the idea is to make customers feel special by offering prizes from brands we know our customers love.

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