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Gap Inc. makes Internet shopping easy in Turkey

CompanyDanielle Samaniego, Gap Inc. Blogger1 Comment

Customers in the country of Turkey can now get their Gap and Banana Republic shopping fix online.

Gap Inc. recently became one of the first global apparel brands to offer a local language, transactional e-commerce site in Turkey. The site also represents a first for our company—the first branded e-commerce site for a franchise store.

The new site will host both Gap and Banana Republic and be fully translated as well as provide local information.

Because orders will be filled via local distribution, customers can return products by mail or at the franchisee’s store.

Fiba, our franchise partner, has 30 Gap and Banana Republic stores operating in Turkey and given the large size of the country, they’ll now have the ability to connect with all consumers within their country, including in those markets where they do not have a store presence. 

And it comes just five years after Gap Inc. first started doing business in Turkey.

Now customers there can find the same looks online as in the stores, creating a seamless, multi-channel customer experience.

It’s all part of the company’s global growth plan. In fact, we have 300 franchise stores in 39 countries… plus one new Turkish e-commerce site.