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You're the embossed boss

DesignCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

When I was a kid, I’d always perceived my dad’s wallet as this timeworn, mythical rectangle that, when I wasn’t scuffling with my sister, would occasionally dispense $20 bills. How did it get reloaded? Would it EVER run out? (Short answer: yep.)

The wallet – beat-up calfskin, from what I recall – was, in those days, not overloaded with the 12-14 credit cards many of us carry around today; it stored very little, but personal things, the pre-iPad. When dad’s wallet emerged, if we were lucky, that meant water slide parks or ice cream. (Or both.)

I’d always wondered why he never embossed that thing. He talked about it. In any case, now he can. At our very own Banana Republic, we’re offering a leather personalization shop in four of our key flagship stores in our big markets (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York). For 10 bucks, your initials can be monogrammed onto a favorite handbag, wallet or other leather accessory.

Right in each store, an embossing machine (along with a properly trained sales associate) will do the artful work while you wait – a rare treat for any retailer. I asked Tres Fontaine, of the Banana Republic marketing team, about the embossing feature and she said: “We’re jumping on the hot new trend of personalization and, in beautiful BR style, we’re offering a personal touch to your gift item. It makes our customers feel truly special.”

Indeed. Now, if I can just get hold of my dad’s wallet – a much tougher chore in these post-college and career days – I just may put his monogram-worthy initials – PAL – on it.