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Tips for Black Friday Shopping

CompanyAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap Online1 Comment

Why shop on Black Friday? My sister is all about the doorbuster deals and treats the day like a scavenger hunt to cross every item off her gift list. I’m more of the “stroll-with-a-pumpkin latte” type.  For me, shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is about finding inspiration for gift ideas and soaking in the energy of holiday crowds.

However you like to shop, retailers - including our Gap Inc. brands - are already preparing to delight customers this season. 

For example, Gap brand is turning “Black Friday” into “Bright Friday” with special deals and a unique opportunity to support two of our non-profit partners.

Athleta has in-store stress-busters.  Banana Republic is gifting free holiday surprises. And, Old Navy is also getting creative with a special early bird gift for gamers – a new Super Mario Bros. U game for Wii.  

Click here for details on these promotions. 

And as an experienced Black Friday shopper, here are my 3 top tips:     

1)  More stores are opening early. It may be harder to stagger your visits based on who’s opening first, second, third... So prioritize where you want to go. Here’s info on our store hours.

2)  Map out store locations so you can hit your top spots keeping proximity in mind so you don’t spend too much of your budget on gas.

3)  If you don’t find the perfect gift for your aunt on Friday, don’t fret. Retailers plan to offer different special discounts throughout the season... So,  check back regularly for new deals in stores and on ecommerce sites.

Happy Holidays!