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Pumping Up the Volume with Piperlime

DesignTanya Hart, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

We talk often around here about how fashion meets music — a natural creative pairing if you think about it — whether it’s the Backstreet Boys teaming up with Old Navy recently, or Gap creating Concert Ts (not to mention Doris and Don Fisher selling records (yes, real vinyl) at that very first Gap store in 1969).

The latest comes from Piperlime — a campaign dubbed “Boot Week,” in honor of fall and an obsession with boots. Here, we’ve introduced a music element as a fun way to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at the Piperlime offices and staff picks.

All week, through Sunday, anyone visiting the Piperlime Facebook page will find select boots (featuring Piperlime employees and their faves), paired with music playlists inspired by the individual boot style.

For example, the “Born to Ride” theme will combine a wear-with-everything riding boot with country music.

The “All You Need is Boots” playlist will pair with a Beatle Bootie and ‘60s, Beatles-inspired tunes. The “Aint No Sunshine” list features rain boots, and rainy day favorites to keep spirits up when the weather’s down.

And so on.

The cool thing about this is the partnership with Songza, a music streaming service whose on staff music experts think a lot about moods, the time of day, and of course what you’re wearing, when coming up with the perfect combination of music. (They’re known for dreaming up song combinations that represent an era or a feeling — like “Music from Fashion Week,” for example.) And this isn’t the first time we’ve partnered with the service.

At the end of the day, the campaign is about Piperlime’s love of shoes — it did start off as a shoe website, after all — and a desire to celebrate that transition from summer to fall.

That’s usually about the time we delete those summertime groove lists from our iPods anyway, for tunes that are a little more “fallish” — something to give us a little pick-me-up as the seasons change.