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Why “Power to the She” speaks to me

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It’s 2012. Holiday break is over.  My mind is filled with Athleta store openings, meeting agendas, fitting in a long run, calling my mom, and returning a million emails.

I glance at this ad and it reads:  Get born. Find a group. Find a job. Find the one. Have one. Have two. Roast a chicken. Cut bangs. Run. Breathe. Run. Relax. Run a 5K. Run a 10K. Crunch. Listen. Listen. Listen. Be loved. Look lovely. Do good. Give back. We kick asphalt. Power to the She.

I never get tired of reading those words. They energize and inspire me. What sounds like a poem, is actually a print ad from Athleta’s new “Power to the She” campaign. 

As we open new stores and learn more about our customers, one thing is clear  - The women who shop at Athleta are truly amazing. They love the extremely active and busy lives they lead, while balancing family, friends, exercise, work and everything in between.  They are crazy busy and they wouldn’t change a thing. 

Their desire to keep reaching for more celebrates this and is what “Power to the She” is all about.  Here’s a video that tells the story in more than words.

For our team at Athleta, this is a first.  We’ve never had a full marketing campaign that crosses over retail, web, catalog, advertising and social media.  We are particularly excited about integrating our partnerships with Girls on the Run  non-profit and Iron Girl.   I’d love to hear your feedback on our Facebook page.  Reading your posts will be another thing to add to my list of to-do’s. But, I can’t wait… Happy 2012!