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Magic vs. Tragic Winners!

DesignAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap OnlineComment

Happy New Year, social shoppers!

Our first Shop Yourself Social campaign has sadly come to an end and it’s time to announce the winners of our first ever Facebook photo contest,  “Magic vs. Tragic.”

We had a lot of passionate participants and I had so much fun seeing all of the entries! But only two can win. So, with no further ado, your Magic vs. Tragic winners are...

Drum roll please…

· Magic - Andrea Torre Hennel! She entered a photo of her teething child and the “Magic” teething necklace that finally brought a smile to his face. Definitely Magic!

· Tragic - Lovi Nmomma. She entered a photo of clothes she bought for her toddler nephew. What she thought was an amazing deal, actually made him cry. I guess clothes were not at the top of his wish list.

Congratulations to both Andrea and Lovi on each winning the $5,000 cash prize!  

Even though Shop Yourself Social is over, don’t stop sharing your shopping finds on our Facebook page or sending us your questions on Twitter. We had a great time answering your social shopping questions this holiday season and look forward to connecting with all of you more in 2012!

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