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Why we Love This Rap Tribute to Plaid

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Most guys make love songs about relationships past… but these guys are pretty passionate about their plaid shirts. So much so, Michael Krivicka and Joe Cummings created a rap song and a viral video paying homage to the “vertical and horizontal lines.”

It all started when they were sitting around with a group of friends and one of their girlfriends commented on how everyone was wearing a plaid shirt. Michael happens to own 18 of them.  So, with a 2-week holiday break from jobs in finance, music, and acting… the college friends put on their favorite shirts and wrote, rapped, and shot the video in New York’s West Village. 

They got a few strange looks – because they had multiple costume changes – and it was freezing cold out. (Layering plaid against plaid was not an option.) 

We obviously love this, because they show some love to Gap and Old Navy for being a main plaid supplier.

And, we’re not the only ones who think this is funny.  The Huffington Post also thought other plaid-loving dudes would get a kick out of the musical tribute.