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Why I’m Wearing Khakis

DesignAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap OnlineComment

Mark, sporting the denim-washed khakis.

It takes a lot for me to break from my denim habit. I wear jeans almost everywhere, not unlike a lot of us at Gap Inc. And, honestly, I’ve taken $hit for it, on occasion, from my own mother. 

I’ve often thought Gap’s “khaki shop” should just be called the “When You Can’t Wear Jeans Shop.”  So you can imagine … I don’t own many khakis. 

Even when I’ve seen different washes and treatments, I haven’t been inspired enough to actually make the purchase for myself.  Until now. 

At Gap, we did something different to our chinos earlier this year: we treated them like denim.   Our denim-washed khakis are going to be big this Fall!  They’re called denim-washed because they’re treated just like denim at the factory. That gives the pants an easy, worn-in look.

We also wash the khakis with denim stones and enzymes (yes, really) to make the pants look like denim. So, with the washing technique and the colors (like red) and the attitude – we’re creating this trend that’s part of Gap’s own heritage.

I love what this khaki represents more broadly, how we’re pushing for more creativity and imagining new things. We’ve taken a simple iconic style that you’d expect to find in our stores and offered it with a new perspective. It’s a great, new idea.

Which is why I’m not wearing jeans right now.