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Guess who's coming to Paris?

CompanyCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

This lovely building, which seems to gracefully showcase its own history and culture, will become “home” to our first Banana Republic store in the country later this year.

As a former newspaper journalist, what I found interesting is exactly how the building’s history becomes part of the BR brand experience – the building was once the offices of Le Figaro, the daily French newspaper founded in the 1800s. (The newsroom building I worked in, by comparison, was the epitome of bland, suburban office space, but that’s another story.)

This store will also feel like it BELONGS in Paris – including an exhibition of images curated by Michael Hoppen and French Art Deco antiques, marble floors, even a period elevator.

So, we’ll see you on the Champs De Elysees this holiday, no?