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My inspiration behind the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection

DesignJanie Bryant, ‘Mad Men’ Costume DesignerComment

Words from Janie Bryant, the costume designer behind "Mad Men"

After costume designing on the show Deadwood, I was itching to design another period piece.  My agent called me about this great show I had to be part of based on the advertising world of 1960’s New York. I loved the feel and hit it off with “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner  - The rest is history!

I often get asked who my favorite character is to design for and I have to say all of them are. It’s hard to choose when you get such variety. I have always enjoyed designing and working with menswear, but the colorful women’s dresses and accessories also hold a special place in my heart.

I find inspiration from vintage magazines and catalogs as well as movies and songs from the period. What looks can you expect to see in the new season? Forget it – my lips are sealed.

But, I can say I adapted the looks for Banana Republic, so we can all dress like our favorite characters.  We took classic pieces from the 1960s and revamped them to the needs of the modern consumer.  The patterns and colors are ones you  might see during the era, along with the great silhouettes. We kept the nostalgia and elegant, vintage feel of the clothing.

My favorite piece? -The leopard printed trench coat with the matching leopard bag and shoes. I guess I’m feeling animal this season!  My favorite part of the process? - Working with BR designer Simon Kneen. We had great chemistry and a lot of laughs.  Enjoy the collection!

Editor's Note:  It hits stores 8/11.  Banana Republic Facebook fans gain early access to a pre-sale on 8/10.

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