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Gap Inc. General Counsel Give New Meaning to Being a 'Sister in Law'

PeopleLydia Markoff, Gap Inc. blogger Comment

I’m a writer at Gap Inc. with an employee blog about fashion, culture, and water-cooler talk – which is to say, I decided against law school back in the day. But I know that what we have going on in our legal department is rare.

What Fortune 500 companies have been led by three women General Counsels in a row? Only two, and Gap Inc. is one of them. (Pitney Bowes is the other.)  To me -- and I'm guessing to our employee base, which is over 70% female -- it's inspiring to see women in such a critical leadership position.

And now, the legal profession has taken notice. Courageous Counsel: Conversations with Women General Counsel in the Fortune 500, a new book by Michele Mayes and Kara Baysinger, which features interviews with over 40 women GCs, including Gap Inc.'s former GCs Anne Gust Brown and Lauri Shanahan and current GC Michelle Banks. They talk about their paths to the job, what it's like to be in that role, and how each woman helped mentor and develop her successor -- a key element for these sisters in law, and a principle we can all apply as we look to our professional futures.