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Why It's Time to Man Up

DesignCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

This is a glimpse of Corey's closet.

Hey, fellas – it’s time to man up and shop.

Our company announced this week that Piperlime will be adding men’s clothes to its site, which has been serving women since it was created in 2006.

OK, that’s the only spin I promise in this blog post. But the news got me thinking: it’s another milestone in the continued evolution of men actually CARING about how they dress.

I mean, I grew up in Northern California wearing an oversized football jersey over a pair of beat-up, tan cords. Like, every day. And my father, an electrician, continues to go to work pairing a stainless steel Thermos with a big, boxy T that looks like it was cut at Home Depot.

But these days, we’re nearly all comfortable slinging man bags over our shoulders, wearing slim-fit shirts (find me in Apparel News here) and actually noticing when our loafers look like they just survived a car fire. We’re not exactly fedora-and-suit polished, but we know how to rock a dress shirt and jeans for any occasion. And for all you dudes still rolling in baggy jeans that expose your red boxers: PULL THOSE THINGS UP.

Anyhow, the point: we may want to pretend we’re too Regular Guy to shop a website that promises an “edited assortment of the hottest trends” (did I just say that?), but we’re not. We’re already there, wearing 7 for All Mankind and curious about newcomers like Scotch and Soda.