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What is “Superfan Nation”?

DesignEmilie ArelComment


Emilie (top center) with her team wearing their Old Navy "Superfan Nation" gear.

Hey sports fans! Guess what? Old Navy’s launching Superfan Nation.

“Super-what?” you ask.

“Superfan Nation” is Old Navy’s version of a sports shop – within our stores. Here, customers will find all the game day flare they could possibly need to support their favorite NFL and collegiate teams.

We created “Superfan Nation” because we know our customers love sports. We know they watch football in the fall, take family outings to the ballpark in the spring, play soccer on Saturdays and shoot hoops. Through sports, Old Navy can be a part of this and it’s my job to think about how.

I run brand licensing. I know – this sounds very corporate, but let me explain. In licensing, my team focuses on finding other brands to partner with to make new and unique products. In a store, this means helping Old Navy have the rights to sell, for example, a Tom & Jerry T-shirt or a Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt.

Yes. Go Minnesota!  I am originally from Minnesota – the land of fried things and 20-foot snow drifts. Even though it’s mildly embarrassing to be a Vikings fan, and not always that easy to be a Gophers fan – those are my guys and I can’t wait to get my Old Navy Minnesota fan gear. What about you?