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Athleta jogs, swims, stretches in NY

CompanyAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap OnlineComment

Lunch-hour jogging meetings.

Speed-walks with the office dogs.

Wearing stylish yoga pants at the computer.

Those are the perks of working at Athleta. And now, I get to share them with a bunch of new fitness-minded colleagues who are opening our stores in New York.

New York, my hometown, is now home to two stores.

The only people more excited than me are Rachel and Alisa – the new general managers.

It has been like a marathon (forgive the exercise analogy) and they crossed the finish line with a line of customers waiting to shop on opening day.

Rachel told me a fun story about how she was conducting phone interviews on the subway with job candidates when the passenger sitting next to her said excitedly, “You work at Athleta?! I have shopped the catalog for years and I can’t wait for the stores to open.”

No doubt, the journey is just starting. And we are really excited to grow our team and community of customers in New York, and beyond.