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Why Mi Familia Loves Old Navy

DesignDanielle Samaniego, Gap Inc. BloggerComment

It’s interesting to hear analysts call us Latinos the “untapped market.”  Because, I feel like Old Navy gets me and my family and has for a while. 

Colors! Variety! Fashions for the whole family! This is a big draw for me and mi familia. And because “real women have curves” in our clan, there’s always a size for all of us.

Old Navy has been a cross-generational hit in our households since my high school days. (‘hm  -which was let’s say … a while ago.) When my Tia Lupe can grab an outfit while my three cousins scamper off to put together their own stylish ensembles, it’s a successful day of shopping.

And it’s not entirely by chance.  Don’t think my family hasn’t picked up on those Latina-tailored commercials  in between telenovelas. That and they know I work in Global Communications here at Gap Inc., so they’re aware we’re supported on all fronts.  

Ultimately we Latinas don’t ask for much more than our non-Latina counterparts—fashion and value for the whole family just makes good sense.

But I have to say, seeing ourselves represented in advertising does give an extra reason to brag about our Old Navy hauls.

Remember, my Tia Lupe is watching.