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Tips For Getting “LinkedIn”

PeopleCatherine Rhoades, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Hi there. Friends call me Cacky (Ya know, like the pants). They also refer to me as the “Social Media Guru.” That’s because it’s my job to connect our company to the social media universe that’s swimming with everyone from our customers to potential employees.  

As part of my daily consumption of all-things-social-media, I came across a Fast Company article about how to use LinkedIn to get the most bang for your buck and land the job you want. It got me thinking and I decided to check in with our recruiting team to get some additional tips and tricks to help you make the most of this social networking tool.

So, here you go:

Someone’s watching: Many company recruiters use the tool to assess candidates. So don’t start a profile and then never look at it again. Keep it up to date.

Cross your t’s and dot your lower case j’s ;): According to our Gap Inc. recruiting team the most common errors they see are inconsistencies with dates, positions, and resumes.

Don’t underestimate the power of references: Use the Recommendations feature and get true references from DIRECT supervisors or individuals that can provide a clear reference for your performance.

Include a title: Not just your company. Some of our recruiters often search by job title.

Don’t be a lurker. Engage: You can use things like the Groups feature to interact with other job seekers and recruiters about open positions.  

Your picture’s worth a thousand words: Make sure to make a good first impression. Probably best to avoid your “party pics.”

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