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The Gapeteria: Style and Sustenance

PeopleLydia Markoff, Gap Inc. blogger Comment

My first few visits to the café at 2 Folsom were a riot of visual sensory overload – I came from a newsroom environment, where fashion took a distant backseat to function, and we didn’t even have a café (the area -- 7th and Market -- was a little raw …). But 2 Folsom’s sandwich line seemed like a slow-motion catwalk and the tables on the sunny terrace always looked like a magazine shoot in progress.

Honestly, it was a little intimidating – the space is beautiful, and of course the food is first-class (fresh! local! creative! delicious!), but I was just so not used to the care people take with their appearance here.

Pretty soon, though, I realized it’s just part of the company’s culture – no matter what their job, the people are creative and fun, and tend to be (or become) uncommonly stylish. With our employee discount, it’s easy to stay on-trend, and the café provides style inspiration: That guy eating only celery and carrots (is he on the cleanse, or just had a big weekend?) combined BR’s new tailored blazer with a graphic tee that (shhh!) I saw at Target! How does that girl with the banh mi make a romper look so cool? Dang, I should have bought those sandals while Gap still had them …