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Back in the Day ...

DesignCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Ahh, back in the day. You know, back when we could call people who shopped our stores not “consumers,” but “cats and chicks.” Which Gap did. In national ads.

But I digress. Sort of.

What you may not know about Gap is that, beginning in the early ‘70s, we started selling private-label clothing – such as Foxtails jeans for women, pictured above. In Gap’s early years, it sold Levi’s – private label was a chance to build Gap’s own brand identity and heritage. (Read Our Story.)

And we did. In the ‘70s, we made history as the first retail chain to use its store name as the brand name when we sold jeans called “Gap.” Foxtails was for women and Eaton Hill was for men.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this little “history lesson” and, of course, the fashionable image included with this post.