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What it's like working for Gap in China

PeopleDaniel Yang, Gap China Store ManagerComment


I’ve been with Gap for about 10 months and the year has been exciting.  I was invited to San Francisco to learn about the company and  train for my role in opening the first Gap store in Beijing, China.  The company just promoted me to store general manager and I moved to Care City in South Beijing where we just opened Gap’s 5th store in China.

It’s different from our stores in Beijing and Shanghai.  It’s in a new mall in an area with more than 500,000 residents with convenient subway and bus connections.  I’m really excited to connect to our customers in this new environment.


What are customers in China like?


What I’ve learned about our China customers is that they are now observing and following global fashion trends. They are very concerned about product quality. And they are savvy shoppers who watch for promotions and know about the Gap brand products. They call and visit the stores, shop online, and design unique looks with Gap clothes.  I’m not sure if these are also popular in the U.S., but customers here love the 1969 jeans, easy fit khaki pants, cropped pants and logo tees which are made to suit Chinese consumers’ body types.


I’m am really proud of our Care City team and excited to work with future employees as Gap continues to grow in China!