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Clean a closet, change a life.

CompanyAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap OnlineComment

I just moved. I’m exhausted… but in the move, I came up with two huge boxes filled with perfectly good (clean) pants, sweaters, and kids clothing that my daughter will outgrow more of in the time it takes to write this blog.

I’m hauling the boxes to the Gap store down the street, where they are going to make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

We’re partnering with Goodwill Industries to support the Goodwill® mission of providing job training programs and employment placement services to the people who need them most.

Extra bonus - donate at any US or Canada Gap store May 19-29 and you’ll get 30% off your Gap purchases that day.

Since we’re talking numbers… check out this Donation Impact Calculator which tabulates how much “good” that pre-worn clothing can do – 3 pairs of jeans = 30 minutes of job counseling!

Closets cleaned, lives changed. Don’t take my word for it. Read more on Huffington Post from Jim Gibbons, the President and CEO of Goodwill Industries.