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Gap Inc. jetsetter (without the plane)

CompanyCatherine Rhoades, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

This company is taking off on a global runway. For me that means adjusting to time zones, working through language barriers, and holding virtual meetings nearly every day. It’s all really exciting and I can’t wait for this to turn into opportunities to travel! But in the meantime, strap on the virtual seatbelt.  I’m going to take you on a trip around the world to see all we’ve got going on at Gap Inc. without boarding a plane.

China: For starters, this year, we just opened a store in Beijing’s Care City Mall. This is our fifth store in China - third in Beijing. The team definitely took some time to celebrate ;)

Kazakhstan: Heading over to Eastern Europe, earlier this year, we also opened our first franchise store in Kazakhstan in the capitol, Astana. The store is in the Khan Shatyr, or “Royal Marquee” - the largest transparent tent structure in the world!

Serbia and Ukraine: You probably saw the news last week, but we just added Serbia and Ukraine to our list of new franchise markets. We’re going to get this party started with our first Gap store in Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine in a few short weeks.

Japan:   In March, we opened a new Gap flagship in Ginza and made quite a splash with a celeb studded opening. We also just announced our plans to take another brand to Asia – Old Navy. Get ready Japan!   

Italy: On the heels of opening our first stores in Milan, Gap’s preparing to open its first store in an outlet center in Italy and our first Gap brand store in Rome later this year. Ciao Italia! 

South America: Oh…and in case that’s not enough, we’re adding the sixth and final inhabitable continent to our list, with our first store in South America - a Gap franchise store in Chile slated to open in late 2011.

 United States: Project ONE, also known as the “The New Old Navy”, continues to make its mark around the nation with more than 250 stores remodeled to date. We’re edging closer to reaching our goal of remodeling a third of the fleet and expect to complete another 100 remodels in 2011.   

Looking ahead, the first Athleta store in New York is set to open later this year. If you hang out on the Upper West Side, you may have already noticed the signage, but if you’re in San Francisco, be sure to visit our Fillmore Street store and get a taste of what’s coming.