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11 résumé tips

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We’ve got a lot going on at our corporate headquarters and our stores across our five brands.  We’ve got new stores opening and websites launching around the world – and that means more “opportunities,” of course.

If you’ve found a position you’re interested in on the Job Search section of our Careers page, make sure you apply with a resume that rocks.

To help you out, here are our 11 resume writing tips:

1) Don’t just apply to every job you see that you “think” you can do. Pick the one you REALLY want.

2) Don’t send a cookie-cutter resume that gets lost in a sea of applicants. Tailor your resume to the specific job you want.

3) Highlight your biggest accomplishments up front and use metrics whenever possible. Your resume should read like an advertisement that says:  “If you pick me, you will get these skills and an employee who will be successful in the company’s culture.”

4) Make sure your resume has clear content and active language that really showcases your skills and abilities – not just a laundry list of your work history.

5) Make sure the key words in the job description are on your resume. Most recruiters search their database of applicants by those key words.

6) List your key work experience in bullet format versus paragraphs. It’s easier to read.

7) Avoid the trap of using too small a font size. Ideal size is 11-12. We should not need a microscope to read it. 

8) Be concise and keep it to one page if you can. BUT if you have great experience that highlights your skills don’t be afraid to use a 2nd page. Just make sure it’s all worth reading.

9) Double check spelling and grammar. It’s “manager” not “manger.”

10) If the application asks an optional opened ended question (ie. “Why do want to work at..?”) Take the time to answer the question. This will set you apart from the rest.

11) Don’t go it alone – Have someone else proof read before you click send. It’s easy to get too close to it, and you might miss some things. Find friends to review your resume or free online resources to help you.

We often get asked if we look at all of the resumes we receive. And the answer is “Yes.” When we say we really appreciate your interest in our company -  we mean it.   

Good luck with your search!