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Shazam makes music “magic”… without the superhero cape

CompanyEvan Krauss, ShazamComment

What’s Shazam?Forget the comic book or ‘70s TV series. Shazam is the 4th most downloaded iPhone App of all time.

For geeks out there - it’s a “mobile discovery” application.

For the 100 million+ users in 200 countries around the world - it’s a cool way to be a music know-it-all.

How exactly does it work? 

Ever hear a song in a movie or when you’re out with your friends and wonder who sings it? Well Shazam can help you solve the mystery. Whether you’re in a noisy restaurant, out shopping, or on the sofa watching a commercial, you can launch the App, hold your phone towards the music source, and hit Shazam. The App will scan our database of more than 10 million songs, identify the track and the artist within seconds; you can also buy and download the track, watch the video and get other information like upcoming concert dates.

But we’re not just about music discovery. In fact, we recently partnered with Old Navy on their new ad campaign “Old Navy Records” so shoppers could Shazam the Old Navy songs anywhere they are played – in stores, on the internet, on TV. Once Shazam’d, users can shop the looks featured in the commercials and get exclusive deals on products straight from their phones.

Today, I’m teaming up with Old Navy and presenting at the AdAge Digital Conference in New York City.  We’re excited to show off how we’re extending “content discovery” beyond music to fashion and shopping.