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Let's Flip Out

CompanyCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Back in the day, when your flip flops bottomed out or the cheap band across your toes busted loose, you had one choice.

Trash ‘em.

You threw them out, which meant the landfill, which meant another “unsustainable” product that would take 68,000 light years to decompose.

It’s different now. Or it CAN be.

Starting this week, Old Navy, partnering with TerraCycle, is collecting as many flops as possible to get recycled and turned into children’s playgrounds. You’ll see colorful bins in U.S. stores starting Thursday (Earth Day).(We’re also lovin’ that the ecouterre blog is supporting this effort.)

I’ve got a pair of flops (pictured above) that’s pushing 11 years old – paid $5 at a convenience store in Kauai.

And, as tough as it may be, I’m dunking them into the bin – and maybe they’ll be forever immortalized as part of a wooden swing set or a spongy surface for kids to scoot across.

You game, too?