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Glamour girls go Gap

DesignAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap OnlineComment

Gap’s Glamour-ous Turn on Reality TV

Four young women in New York City with exciting jobs in fashion, two days to put a major photo shoot together, a million things that could go wrong … and only one way to see it all. That’s Glamour Girls, the new reality show created by Gap and Glamour magazine, available exclusively on the iPad.

The four ten-minute episodes chronicle the efforts of Sarah, Jenna, Anda and Masha as they race against the clock to get the magazine’s spring ad campaign -- which features’s Young & Posh bloggers -- done in time. Showcasing some of the most covetable items from Gap’s spring collection  and sure to connect with Sarahs, Jennas, Andas and Mashas everywhere, it’s wild fun for reality junkies and fashionistas alike.

And just think: All the styles you see on the show are shoppable as you watch, so we non-reality-stars can get these looks with just a few taps on the iPad (minus all the stress and drama!). Whew!