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Life, Untucked

CompanyCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

I have this FEAR. It’s bigger than me, too.

What if I were unable to wear my shirt untucked to the office each day?

It’s an idea that makes sweat beads do laps on my forehead. I’ve been wearing my dress shirts untucked since I started here five-plus years ago. It’s one of the unheralded little perks at working for a company that strongly influenced the nation-sweeping cult known as … casual Friday.

I recall, recently, leaving for work while my grandmother was at the house. MISTAKE, man. I had my shirt unspooled over a pair of beat-up denim. She looked at me as if I were an upturned train, smoke pouring from its windows.

Cool thing is, we also dress up at headquarters. Especially the women. Visit our café and you may as well feel teleported into a glossy Prada ad. People wearing full-on suits and ties here get raised eyebrows. (“Secret service?”)

Btw, it’s been fascinating to experience the trends in men’s shirts since I started here – from parachute-bulk to slim fit to produced specifically to accommodate untuckers like me.

So, the fear thing. Do you share this? Will you continue to wear your shirt over your belt? When’s the appropriate time to grow up and give up this concept? EVER?