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A Picture Worth a ...

PeopleSara Davis, Gap Inc. DirectComment

The women who make our clothes are incredibly inspiring to me. I had a chance to meet some of them, up close, when I volunteered to take their pictures at two Gap Inc. factories in Bangalore.

I felt honored to meet the women behind our P.A.C.E. program, who work tirelessly to create the garments I photograph every day as part of my own job – I shoot many of the product visuals you see on

This photo was one I took of Komola, who is at the right, offering direction. She’d been recently promoted to manager-in-training and had already become an influential leader on the factory floor. Until that point, all the managers I’d met were men.

I watched Komola interact with the women. She connected with them, gained their trust as a teacher. I equate her success, her confidence and assertiveness, to P.A.C.E. It’s a real example of how we can make a difference in the lives of garment workers – giving them a chance to advance in places where that’s often a rare concept.

This picture reminds me, all the time, about the inter-connectedness of our company’s work, how Komola and I, at opposite ends of the world, from a factory to a studio in San Francisco, can feel proud of the opportunities ahead.