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Will the Real Gap Inc. Please Stand Up?

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Today, more than a billion people worldwide belong to social networking sites. You use it. Your friends use it. Your mom uses it. Our brands use it. And now we (Gap Inc.) are using it.

You may have thought we were already at the social media party what with all the  pages, profiles, channels out there that look like us (operative phrase being “look like”) - but don’t let those fool you. The truth is, we’re late to the party and only just got started because we were worried about what we would wear J. 

And so…with no further ado…I’d like to officially introduce the real Gap Inc. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Fan us, follow us, link to us, subscribe to us – whatever floats your social networking boat. No matter what, now, you’ll always have a way to get and talk to us about the latest scoop on what’s goin’ inside and outside the company.

Hope to connect and chat with ya’ll soon!