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Hi! I’m Amy and I'm the SVP of Marketing at Old Navy.

I love what I do because we like to have fun. Case in point: I once won a wacky supermarket scavenger hunt. But, I digress.

Quirky humor, optimism, and creativity are in our DNA and also in our new spring ad campaign -  “Old Navy Records: Original hits. Original styles.”

Yes, strap on the dancin’ shoes… we’re taking Old Navy to a new place – the music industry.

We’ve invented our own music label - hence “Old Navy Records” -  and all the bells and whistles that come with including original Old Navy songs and music video commercials, all performed by original Old Navy bands (ie. The Audio Threadz). The videos were even directed by legendary music video director, Joseph Kahn.

Too bad we just missed the Grammys!  ;)

Why music? Through music, we can show Jennie how Old Navy can put the “ta-da” in her everyday and make Old Navy her friendly face in fashion. We know Jennie loves music and we know that music is a powerful way to communicate the unique things about our brand – like our humor, style, and our place in pop culture.

You won’t be able to miss it. The campaign is popping up on TV, online, stores and mobile devices. Yes, from your smartphone – the songs you hear are “Shazamable.”  Anyone with the Shazam mobile discovery app can identify the songs no matter where you are. From there, you can download the song and view or purchase the featured looks while you’re chair dancin’ on the bus.

I know you’re probably wondering, what about the SuperModelquins? The truth is they auditioned, but…they can’t dance. Don’t worry. They’ll always be remembered and you’ll still be able to visit them in their new, full-time job standing around in stores.

You can read more about the campaign here.