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Hi, I’m Art

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Who am I?

If you Google me, you won’t find much. I’m not about lists of accomplishments or sharing PowerPoints on leadership strategy.

I am a 54-year old, California-raised family man with 4 kids. I may not be able to pull off the skinny jeans look.

But, what I can do is lead and empower a talented group of people as the Gap brand maneuvers to compete successfully in North America and in doing so support the momentum of Gap Inc.’s global growth plan.  

I’m not a merchant.

That’s right. I’m not a merchant.  (And I recognize it takes great merchandising for a successful business and a big part of my job is to foster and nurture our merchandising talent.) You can read the press release to hear the corporate-speak on my accomplishments as the President of Gap Inc. Outlet and EVP of Strategy and Operations.  But last time I looked, no organization can be successful solely by the efforts of one individual.  

Before coming to Gap Inc. in 2005, I spent more than 20 years helping retail and entertainment companies find ways to grow, adapt, evolve and thrive.  Whether it’s selling 99-cent digital music or jeans, the goal is to build emotional connections with products and our brands.  By definition - what worked yesterday is old news today.

For those who say I’m bad for the company’s “stability”… Thank you.  You move forward… or you’ll  fall back.  And standing still is falling back since the world is moving around you.  

I love to snowboard - I’m at least good enough to not be dangerous to myself or others.  In snowboarding, you’ll fall if you stand still. And, as you learn, the goal is to carve turns and link them together to get down the hill with grace.  To torture the metaphor, Gap has carved some great turns – i.e. launching 1969 jeans, perfect black pants, and new store experiences. Now we have to link them with consistency and style. 

That will take agility… but, should also be fun.