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QR Codes unlock "Party in a Bottle"

CompanyAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap OnlineComment

QR Codes…what are they? They are those little black and white squiggly squares you see at the bottom of posters, on signs and at bus stops. For those of you with smartphones, these might be more valuable to you than you think!

Why? Because most of the time QR codes are used to unlock special discounts or provide exclusive content while you are on the go.

Here is what you do – download any QR code scanner app, activate it, scan it with your camera phone and there you go!

For instance, Banana Republic is doing something a little different with QR codes this holiday. Banana Republic’s head designer, Simon Kneen, designed two holiday wine labels for two limited edition bottles of Clos du Bois. Not only are they gorgeous, but when you turn the bottle around, you’ll find a specialized QR code. Each code unlocks a one-stop shop for your holiday party planning - a party playlist, entertaining tips from lifestyle expert Katie Lee, style advice from Simon and food and wine tips from Clos du Bois Winemaker Gary Sitton.

Holiday gift idea? I think so ;)

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