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Holiday greetings from the Gap Inc. blog squad

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Phew… What a year!  The aDressed blog launched at the start of 2011 and we are proud to say we have told more than 100 stories that we hope gave unique insight into our company and the people who work here.

Many of our employees shared their words and photos. And many of you shared feedback.   We thank you all for the support.  But, we want more – more comments, more ideas, and more friends in our community next year. So, whether you are an employee, customer, journalist, partner, or curious onlooker…  join Gap Inc. on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already. And, bookmark the blog!

We have a lot more “behind the scenes” stories to tell…

Until we return in 2012…  stay safe, healthy and happy. And enjoy our Blog Squad jibjab Holiday Card.  (What are you waiting for? Click on it. There’s singing and dancing involved.)