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Banana Republic shows how airline baggage can bring holiday joy!

CompanyCharlotte Murphy, Banana RepublicComment

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never known airline baggage to come with a lot of joy. In fact, handling fees and a backache is what most of us are used to.  But Banana Republic changed that for a lucky group of travelers.

We worked with our friends at Virgin America to spread holiday spirit and smiles to a plane-full of passengers traveling from Chicago to San Francisco.

Instead of seeing their luggage come down the conveyor belt, our BR volunteers sent down bright red holiday packages containing personalized gifts from Banana Republic.

Forget the “No Peeking” rule!  The surprised and giddy travelers –including families, business travelers, and even a returning U.S. serviceman - opened the boxes to find hats, scarves, and gloves that are currently on holiday display in stores.

The rare moment was captured on cam.  You’ve gotta check out the video and share it too to spread some holiday joy.  Travel safe and best wishes from Banana Republic!