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How We Create Our Holiday Windows

CompanyHarry Bader, Director of Creative Services, BRComment

Trying to find a six-foot nutcracker to put in our store windows … that’s the kind of thing our team thinks about when we dream up our holiday storefront windows. It’s a lot of work that begins, each year, in March. (Yes, as in eight months in advance.)

As a starting point, earlier in the year, we look at the clothes, and the marketing campaign mood boards, for inspiration.

As a creative team, our goal was to do a modern take on traditional holiday. We also wanted to reflect the joy and emotion of the season and, most importantly, capture people’s attention as they walk by our stores.

This year’s holiday campaign is very graphic. We used the joyful images from our advertising campaign – and the color red, lots of red – and combined them with traditional holiday themes, like ornaments, candy and nutcrackers. That transformed our store windows into our holiday story.

Store windows are a powerful way to tell a story. We wanted to make the windows a strong creative statement – but we were worried that putting 500 ornaments in a window would be too much work for our store teams. So we set the windows ourselves, in the studio, to get a sense of how it would affect our store employees; in the end, they ended up nailing our vision easily.

This year, we did two different versions of our windows – one before Black Friday, a party theme, and one after, which is a gifting story.  

I’ve been imagining Christmas windows for over 20 years; I’ve never done the same thing twice. Our windows have a great Holiday feeling with that Banana touch, and framing the windows in red lights just adds to the magic when you stroll by at night.