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Matthew Broderick, Eddie Murphy, Gap

DesignCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Normally, we probably wouldn’t consider blogging about someone trying to steal a Gap sweater. In this case, though, we’re cool with it.

At the start of the year, Gap’s Public Relations team helped facilitate a scene for the Ben Stiller/Eddie Murphy film “Tower Heist.” The scene was shot right inside a Gap store in New York.

“Tower Heist,” which is open now, is a story about a few working stiffs taking revenge on a Wall Street swindler. (Is THAT a topical narrative these days or what?) Gap’s scene is with Matthew Broderick, who tries to deftly swipe a sweater as training for the heist.

The store scene made the final cut. Olivia Doyne, a director at Gap, was at the shoot and watched as Matthew did a few rehearsals before the store closed to the public that evening. She said it was a kick to see people’s reaction once they realized who was picking up a sweater near them.

She added: “Many of our employees were extras in the scene and one of our visual managers practically had a credited role – you’ll see him in the scene as Matthew circles a table trying to decide what to steal.” He nods and smiles at Matthew, who …

Well, we’re not here to spoil anything else. But the film’s executive producer described the scene as “part of a great montage in the film.” This was not product placement, just a small, tangible example of how Gap figures into our lives.