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Social Shopping – What is it you ask? Let me tell you…and help you shop

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Hi! My name is Cacky. Yes, Cacky, like the pants. I’m 25, fashion-obsessed and infected with social media fever.  I’m a San Francisco native, but after four years in Gap Inc.’s SF headquarters, my work has taken me to New York.  I now live, shop and connect virtually with Gap Inc. teams around the world from the city of all things fashion. And, I’m more ready than ever to take on the 2011 holiday shopping season as Gap Inc.’s Social Shopping Advisor.

Today, style and tech are constantly colliding. With new shopping flash sites, mobile apps, and e-deals bombarding every network-connected device and social channel, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, my lifetime of shopping experience and love for tech based retail therapy will allow me to help holiday shoppers get rid of their social shopping anxiety. Together we’ll tackle this year’s gift giving extravaganza with what we at Gap Inc. are calling, Shop Yourself Social.

Shop Yourself Social - Gap Inc.’s first ever crossed branded campaign - is designed to help you clear through the social media deal chaos and buy the gifts you really love (or would love to give) from our brands - Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta - for those “haunt your dreams” in a good way prices. Here’s how:

One-stop-shop is your guide for finding the best deals and connecting with all of our brands in real time this holiday season.

SYS blog series – The site hosts a blog series penned by yours truly, Gap Inc.’s official Social Shopping Advisor featuring the latest tips on how to navigate the social media universe and get up to the minute information for finding the best gift ideas, bargains and the behind-the-scenes scoop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. 

Live Twitter feed – Check out our liveTwitter feed on where you can ask me questions and share your own social shopping secrets by Tweeting to #ShopYouselfSocial. The Twitter feed will also feature updates from our brands, including Black Friday events, promotions, stores hours etc.

Magic v. Tragic - We’re also holding a Facebook photo contest called Magic vs. Tragic.  As all seasoned shoppers know, sometimes the holiday shopping stars align, and you snag the ultimate shopping gem. But sometimes, you have on what I like to call “Black Friday goggles” – you know, the kind that cloud all judgment and cause you to buy things just to get the deal (case in point - flashback to 70% off a sequined tube top that’s still hanging in my closet with the tags on…). Well that’s the difference between Magic and Tragic – and both could potentially make you a winner.

Facebook users can upload photos of their best (Magic) and worst (Tragic) holiday purchases – past and present. The Gap Inc. Facebook fan community will vote on their favorites and the Magic and Tragic photos with the most votes will both receive a $5,000 cash prize. To enter and get more details, visit the Gap Inc. Facebook page or

Now, that’s what I call social savvy shopping. Ok, with only 16 days until Black Friday, we better get started. Text and share this to everyone you know - and take advantage of this social shopping epicenter because that perfect holiday purchase might be just one Tweet away!  So, ready, set, SHOP YOURSELF SOCIAL.

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