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How I “Funufacture” The Perfect Puff Jacket

DesignBrent Mitchell, Old NavyComment

If you’re craving marshmallows, it may be hard to find them at the grocery store. That’s because, here at Old Navy, we bought them up by the pallets.

And, we’re not making Rice Krispies Treats.

They are props for a commercial we are making about Old Navy Perfect Puff jackets. These aren’t the sleeping bags of yester-year that made you look like the Michelin Man.  They are colorful, “flattering” winter coats.

As the Advertising Director -and the one to blame for this shenanigan—I’m excited to share this footage of how we are using more than 10,000 of the gooey sweets to tell the story about how we “funufacture” the Perfect Puffs at Old Navy Funnovations Inc.

There's a lot more to Funnovations Inc.  You'll see elements on tv, online and via mobile devices throughout the holiday season.  And, you’ll also feel the spirit of the campaign inside our stores. Through our quirky humor, you'll get the message that Old Navy is about fashion, family, value... and a whole lot of fun.

Tell us what you think!

(Note from the Blog Squad:  Just so you know, aside from a few sticky situations on the conveyor belt, no people or marshmallows are being harmed during the filming of the videos.  They are composted. The marshmallows that is.)

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