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There are so many mobile shopping apps out there to help you score great deals this Black Friday. But it’s rare to find one that can actually push you deals EXACTLY when you need them.

That’s why I’m loving shopkick! The app not only sends you the deals available in a store at that time, but gives you “kicks” (or points) that you can collect and redeem for other cool things - like gift cards, song downloads, movie tickets, Facebook credits, donations to 30 different causes and charities, and much more!

When I heard Old Navy was partnering with shopkick, I immediately downloaded the app and headed down to San Francisco flagship store to test it out. What happened next was magic! As soon as I stepped through the doors, “150 Kicks” popped up on my phone. And when I clicked on the graphic, it unlocked deals of the day, tips, trends and hot items of the day (watch clip).

So if you're gearing up for holiday shopping, be sure to download shopkick so you can start racking up kicks to put towards your wish list!

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