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Want to win $5,000?!

CompanyAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap OnlineComment

Above: Cacky's Magic and Tragic purchases!

Sometimes, the holiday shopping stars align and you find the perfect gift for the perfect price.

Sometimes, you go off the rails – you had your “Black Friday goggles” on and ended up with strange things (gnomes!), unnecessary things (day-of-the-week pepper grinders!), things you don’t really even remember buying except for thinking “O WHAT A GREAT DEAL!”

That’s the difference between Magic and Tragic – and both could potentially make you a winner!

How? Visit the Magic vs. Tragic tab on the Gap Inc. Facebook page and upload your photos of holiday purchases (present and past). Then tell us why they were Magic or Tragic (“I loved these $6 pants – but no one told me they could see my boxers through them.“ OR “These 50% off boots are magic – was wearing them the day I got my dream job, met my husband-to-be, and won $300 on a lotto scratcher!“) The Facebook community will vote on their favorites and the two photos with the most votes will receive a cash prize ($5,000 for the most magical and $5,000 for the most tragical).

Just for fun, I went digging in my closet for a magic and a tragic purchase (watch clip). Which do you think is my “tragic”?

So come on – now it’s your turn to share your best (or worst). We’re all friends here :)

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