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Let’s Honor our Veterans

CompanyTom Keiser, Gap Inc. I.T.Comment

On Veteran’s Day, individuals and communities across the country set aside time to commemorate generations of Americans who have bravely served our country. Some will choose to remember privately, while others will participate in larger events – a tradition that began following WWI and continues today as a federal holiday.  

Many of our colleagues have served or have ties through family members who have served (or continue to serve) our country. 

My personal connection with Veteran’s Day is through my father and grandfathers.  My father left college (Auburn – War Eagle!) during the Vietnam War to join the US Army.  One of my sisters and I were born on a U.S. Army base in Frankfurt, Germany.  The army and what it provided for us was a big part of our lives.  

I hope that you will take a few minutes to say thank you to each of our veterans on this Veteran’s Day. 

[Note from the Blog Squad:  We love our troops. And when we say “we” that includes customers and employees. Old Navy's Operation Troop Donation led to more than 350,000 items like flip flops and t-shirts and more than 40,000 letters sent to troops. Here's a video honoring the men and women serving our country.]