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13 Stories You Need to Hear

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Here’s why Gap Inc. is rallying behind #GotYourBack

A generation ago —before you could reach anyone, anywhere, at any time — LGBT people often had to rely on a phone hotline or a pamphlet handed out to connect with someone who related to their story.

Today, the coming out experience is no less scary. But now, with the power of the Internet, being LGBT is (hopefully) a little less isolating — where people can share their stories and find support from allies at the click of a button.

When GLAAD launched its #GotYourBack campaign empowering people to show their support for the LGBT community, Gap Inc. wanted to do its part in expressing our core value of individuality — and showing the world the importance of open minds and hearts. 

The 13 experiences highlighted in this video are more than stories — they are a rallying cry to reach out and offer support. We want our employees and customers to know that you can be yourself, with us. 

Join the nearly 140,000 employees of Gap Inc. as well as thousands of allies around the world who have shared their support for the #GotYourBack movement. 

Download our #GotYourBack sign today and share your support. You never know whose life you will touch. To learn more about GLAAD or take action today, visit